The Gold Class Experience at GSC Pavilion, KL – Review

This was actually my first visit to the Gold Class in GSC Pavilion. I’ve heard pretty good reviews about the experience before but have never had the chance to actually watch a movie in it. Decided to pamper myself for a bit yesterday night at the Gold Class in Pavilion, which was conveniently located just right across The Westin hotel during my stay in KL.


GSC is the first cinema chain in Malaysia to offer a Gold Class auditorium with an attached lounge and toilets. Apart from the standard picture quality and state-of-the-art digital sound that forms the usual movie experience in normal GSC halls, the Gold Class hall offers an even better service that includes wide and comfortable reclining seats and a table for every two seats with a service call button.

Movie was booked at 7.30pm, so I headed to the Gold Class’ lounge since I was there early. Lounge was very exclusive and elegantly decorated with luxurious leather chairs, sofa with soft plush velvet fabric, light jazzy music in the background, soft romantic lighting – I didn’t even feel like I was in the cinemas for a moment.


DSC_0306The cinema hall was not very big, and has very intimate setting – perfect for a date I would say. Fitted seats with reclining function were huge and in designed in pairs – it actually did feel like the “Business Class-Cabin” in an aircraft now to think of it.


DSC_0297Ticket was around RM45 per person during weekdays. Overall, I had a wonderful time and experience at the Gold Class and foresee myself to be coming back for this once in a while (not all the time!)

For more information, please visit GSC’s official site.


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