The Westin KL Experience (Pre-check-in) – Review

As of typing this post, I am sitting in the Westin Executive Club Lounge, sipping my cup of latte after dinner. A full review about the hotel will be posted up by the end of this week, but as of now – let me share with you about my pre-check-in experience with the hotel.

Email from the "Westin Experience Specialist"
Email from the “Westin Experience Specialist”

A few days before checking-into the hotel, I received an email from Ivy (I found out later on that she is actually the Manager for the Westin Experience Specialist in KL. I was wowed by this superb level of personalized customer service provided by the Ivy. We exchanged a few emails after that and I have to say that the experience was amazing. Ivy made me feel “valued” even before stepping foot into the hotel. Now, that is – customer relationship management done right. But sadly, not many of the crew/team members in the hotel understand the true definition of personalized customer service.

All in all, the hotel was great but there were some glitches during my stay and I would be sharing them (pictures and of course all the juicy details) in my full review post soon.

I am pretty psyched for tomorrow – as I’m checking into the famous Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh.


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