Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine – Review

Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine is located at the end of the Church Street Pier, Weld Quay Penang. I was reading reviews on the higher end restaurants in Penang the other day online and realized that I’ve never actually gave the restaurant a try all this while and decided to finally give it a go yesterday night.

The Church Street Pier
View alongside the pathway leading to the restaurant’s entrance
Side angle view of the restaurant.
The grand entrance of Chin’s stylish Cuisine.

I was having sky high expectation of this restaurant and its food, having flooded with positive reviews online. The official site of the restaurant even published all of its accomplishments and awards obtained throughout the years and I was actually very excited to finally get to try their set dinner but to my disappointment, I personally think that the food, and the dining experience as whole was below average standards when compared to any fine dining or even semi fine dining restaurants in Penang.

Tastefully decorated dining area
One of the bigger round tables with a view
Definitely not the common Chinese restaurant setting.

I then learnt that the restaurant was owned and decorated by Dave Chin, a professional graphic designer and he had a few other outlet of Chin’s in London since the 1987. The restaurant’s furnishing was nothing ordinary at all, and its not how one would expect it to be in a Chinese restaurant. Pop of colors (black, red and purple), layering of velvety fabrics, oversized art pieces and mismatch hanging chandelier lighting create a luxurious yet comfortable ambiance for dining. I have to agree that the interior was tastefully decorated and furnished but the food was a letdown.

There were a few options for set dinner the night I went and one of the staffs recommended us the most expensive one, informing us that they were all the signature and “must try” dishes in the restaurant. We took in her recommendation and wen ahead with the set dinner (RM168 excluding tax and service charges per person).

Appetizer - Four Happiness Platter
Appetizer – Four Happiness Platter

Presentation of the all the dishes were over the top but taste wise, it was rather blend and disappointing except for the soup and the crispy duck. Starters/appetizers felt like a rip off. The “Four Happiness” platter had sampling portion of Spinach Leaves in Mustard, Citrus Winter Gourd, Sesame Prawn Toast and “Gele” Mountain Hot Chicken. They were all very ordinary dishes but because of the skilful plating and presentation, the dish actually was visually stunning.

Soup - Sichuan Flamed Cod Fish
Soup – Sichuan Flamed Cod Fish

Second course was the cod fish soup. I have to say that this was the only star of the night. The soup was a bit tangy and spicy at the same time and was served with a piece of cod fish. Cod was smooth and creamy (well executed – not overcooked) and taken with a sip of the soup – matchmade in heaven.

Delicacy Collection - Braised Premium Abalone (20gm)
Delicacy Collection – Braised Premium Abalone (20gm)

The abalone didn’t feel “premium” at all, and to be honest it kinda felt like it was taken right out from a processed abalone can, served with broiled broccoli and mushroom, with some “hoi-sin” sauce on them. One of the worst dishes of the night.

Chin’s Specialty – Crispy Duck
Chin's Specialty - Crispy Duck
Chin’s Specialty – Crispy Duck

Having read about the rave and overly positive reviews online about this dish, I was expecting it to be very good but it was a letdown, again. For the price paid, I would have expected more out of it. The duck was crispy, yes but very dry. I could have spent less for the bigger portion with better standard in Dragon-I Restaurant.

Lobster on Noodles
Lobster on Noodles
Dessert - Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream with Crispy Pudding
Dessert – Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream with Crispy Pudding

Both the noodles and dessert were average and had nothing to shout about. The crispy pudding that came with the ice cream tasted a bit weird, I didn’t even bother finishing it after a bite.

All in all, I think that the restaurant is overpriced and a bit overrated. Stylish? Yes, in terms of decor and art pieces – that’s all. Service quality was quite inconsistent and dining experience as a whole was slightly below average.


DSC_0673Omelette&Latte’s ratings:

  • Parking: 8/10
  • Value: 4/10
  • Location: 8/10
  • Food quality: 5/10
  • Service: 6/10
  • Wifi: No

For further information, please visit Chin’s Stylish Cuisine’s official site.

8A, Pangkalan Weld
Tanjung City Marina, Church Street Pier
Georgetown, Penang


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