Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant, Langkawi – Review

During my recent to trip Langkawi, I finally get to chance to dine in the infamous Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant. I’ve learnt that the restaurant had won “Malaysia’s Best Restaurant” consecutively since the year 2005 and was awarded by the “Malaysian Tattler” too.

The entrance of the restaurant.

The restaurant is located off the main street of Pantai Tengah, sitting on top of a steep hill, which boosts stunning sunset views over the Andaman Sea. Guests are offered with three different seating areas: the air-conditioned main dining area on the ground floor, the open air garden terrace and the traditional “tatami” seating on the first floor.

Wall of Fame!
The main seating/dining area on the ground floor.
A small mock-up of a traditional Japanese house as its cellar

I chose to be seated in the main dining area that night and was quite satisfied with the arrangement. The seating area has a really authentic and traditional Japanese vibe to it. I was briefed by one of the team members about the specials of the day and was then quickly presented with a cold towel and a cup of green tea. I ordered a few from their specials and a few other items from their ordinary menu.

Salmon belly sashimi. There were so much fats in those pieces and I swear they melted on my tongue.
The mixed Sushi set
Saba Shioyaki.
Kobe Beef on hotpot/stone (RM390 per 100 gram)
Black Cod Fish on hotpot/stone
Salmon Fish Head on hotpot/stone

Most of the items that I’ve ordered that night were presented with a hot pot/stone. I was then told by the team member there were charcoals in the pot grilling the ingredients sitting on top of the wire gauze. Saba Shio and Kobe were the stars of the night! Most of the restaurants that I’ve been to would grill Saba in the kitchen and serving it on a plate thereafter. But in Unkaizan, having the fish “charcoal grilled” somehow made it creamier and lighter. The texture, unlike most restaurants (very dry) was amazing. I could taste a bit of salt on the fish and I think thats the only seasoning they used. But the end results was amazing. Fresh, light and creamy.

Kobe beef was amazingly prepared in the same way (charcoal grilled), slightly seasoned with black pepper. The texture was again, amazing and having it together with a bowl of Japanese rice was like heaven on earth to me.

All in all, I think that even though the price is on the higher side, but food quality and service were top notch. I definitely see myself coming back to the restaurant on my next trip.


Omelette&Latte’s ratings:

  • Parking: 9/10
  • Value: 7/10
  • Location: 7/10
  • Food quality: 10/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Wifi: Yes

For further information, please visit Unkaizan’s official site.

Lot 395, Telok Baru
Pantai Tengah
07000 Langkawi
Operating hours: 6pm – 11pm (Close on every 2nd Wednesday)


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