Pelangi Spa at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, Langkawi – Review

If you’ve read about the previous post of my review of the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort in Langkawi, you would know by now that I didn’t really quite enjoy myself and the whole experience in the resort for me, was sadly disappointing. The only worth mentioning thing about the resort tho, is the Spa!

I came to Langkawi to relax, but the rooms and the resort as a whole was not the most pleasant experience. I really needed a good pampering session for myself so I decided why not go to the spa. I was very reluctant to go all the way to the town and research about prices and read about reviews of the spa centres out there. I decided to give the resort’s in-house spa a try, without having high hopes and expectations, but boy I was wrong.

The experience in the Pelangi Spa, was actually the highlight of my Langkawi trip!

Entrance to Pelangi Spa
Lush greeneries and a koi pond leading to the spa
Lush greeneries and a koi pond leading to the spa

Unlike the other parts of the resort, I could tell that the spa puts in more effort for landscaping and maintenance work. You get that “zen” feeling even before you reach the spa’s reception. Upon reaching the reception, I was greeted by Nur Jannah, and I have to say that she was one of the best staffs in the resort. I knew that it will be a good experience even before i set foot through the therapy room’s door. Nur Jannah was really professional, friendly and confident at the same time. Finally in this resort, I felt like I was “valued”.

Pelangi Spa's reception
Pelangi Spa’s reception

I took the Spa Delight package, which were inclusive of a 60 mins Indonesian massage and a 30 mins body scrub of my choice. She advised me to go with the Tropical Lime and Ginger Buff scrub, saying that its the best scrub for muscle relief and even promised me that I would be a lot more different (better, of course) after the treatment.

I was presented with a form to fill regarding preference and personal health history and at the same time, served by one of the staffs with a refreshing cup of Tamarind Tea. When I was filling the form halfway through, Indra (Manager) greeted me by my name and started a friendly conversation. She even knew that I was from Penang and told me that Penang is her hometown too. I was surprised by how she knew about where I came from and suspected that Nur Jannah had been looking through my profile on the resort’s system before serving me. This is what I call – personalised customer service. Both Indra and Nur Jannah made me feel like a king the whole time.

After the cup of tea, I was led to steps entering the therapy suite. I was then introduced to my therapist, Norma. I was asked to change into batik robe that the spa provided me with, and then my treatment started.

My therapy “suite”
Jacuzzi tub, standing shower and toilet within the suite

My therapist, Norma was really professional and skilful. Norma kept checking with me throughout the session to see if the pressure was within my pain threshold or if it needs to be increased. I opted for the Indonesian Massage (Stimulating massage, using long stroke and pressure techniques to ease away muscle tension and stress). So, was the massage good? It had to be because I fell asleep.

Norma patted my arm telling me that an hour had passed and informing me that she will be going ahead with the body scrub treatment. A mixture of salt with lime and ginger was applied on the body, and once dried, they were rubbed off with the dead skin cells. I then took a bath and headed back to the Spa’s reception, sipping a cup of tea.

The spa session cost me around RM300 for 90 minutes in total, which I personally think is quite reasonable, with the level of service and care provided. The Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort would still remain my best ever spa experience, but Pelangi Spa has outdone themselves, I would say that they come pretty close to PLR’s Spa Village’s standard.

Foyer and seating area at the Spa

Omelette&Latte’s ratings:

  • Efficiency of check in for Treatments: 9/10
  • Treatment quality and satisfaction: 8/10
  • Professional care from staffs: 10/10
  • Ambience of the Spa: 8/10
  • Value: 9/10

For more information, please visit Pelangi Spa’s official site.

Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi Malaysia



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  1. Do they allow walk in customers that are not staying in the resort???


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